Pokerowe historie o bad beat jackpot

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Nekaj dni nazaj, smo poročali o tem, kako se badbeat jackpot pri Party Poker že nevarno pribljižuje 1 milijonu dolarjev ter da je le še vprašanje časa, preden bodo to nagrado tudi izplačali. Z velikim veseljem oznanjamo, da je ta trenutek končno nastopil! Znesek je bil rekorden, in sicer kar 1.013.381$, ki si ga je razdelila peščica

Mar 28, 2018 · The six players ended up winning a substantial sum of money and would later realize that their win would go down in the history books as it was the biggest bad beat jackpot in U.S history. The bad beat jackpot win was fixed at $1,068,590.80. Bad beat jackpots have a very interesting proposition as all players taking part in the bad beat jackpot the largest online bad beat jackpot of the history , played on merge networkto get 45% Rakeback on Merge , Enet ,Everleaf, CakeNetwork , IdealPoker and more A Bad Beat Jackpot is a progressive type of jackpot that is often attached to one specific poker game, the idea behind this jackpot is that if one of the strongest poker hands available gets beaten by an even stronger one such as four Aces getting beaten by a Royal Flush at a live poker table, then the player who lost out to the Royal Flush hand, and occasionally every other players involved A few of my home game poker buddies were sitting at a table when the bad beat jackpot hit for something like 80K. I believe it was quad 10s vs. straight flush. The best part of the story is my best buddy got up to take a piss right before they dealt the hand. Mar 09, 2020 · Play any cash game at Playground and you could score big… really big! The Bad Beat Jackpot starts at $100,000 and keeps growing until one lucky player loses with a monster! The winner of the bad beat (the guy with the losing straight flush) won 50% of the jackpot: 260k. 60k is an insanely high tip. I am curious because if I won the bad beat, I have no idea what the etiquette is. I have heard 1-2% is standard with 3% being generous? If that's true, this guy went overboard when emotions were running hot.

Our Visitors Have Hit. So far that we know of two players that have visited our site have hit these bad beat jackpots. We got word that two players hit a jackpot on the same day, one winning $128,000 and another person from here was sitting at the same table and won $18,000.

A bad beat jackpot is offered by a poker room when a very good hand loses to an even better one. 2. Like Bingo, Bad Beat Jackpots Stimulate Action. Usually, bad beat jackpot rules stipulate that the losing player must have quads or better to qualify and must use both hole cards. Exact requirements vary from one room to the next, but the lowest qualifying hand I’ve ever seen the Aces full of Tens. the largest online bad beat jackpot of the history , played on merge networkto get 45% Rakeback on Merge , Enet ,Everleaf, CakeNetwork , IdealPoker and more


May 12, 2018 · Bad Beat Jackpot Odds Introduction "Bad beat" is a term that can mean having an outstanding chance of winning a bet, only to still lose. The term can be used in any form of gambling but is most commonly applied to poker. Many poker rooms offer a progressive jackpot for very unlikely bad beats. И отново за СЕЗОН ЛЯТО 2016 Bad Beat Jackpot -падна !!! Four of a Kind KK срещу Four of a Kind 1010 в размер на 27 976€ !! Веселин Петров печели 11 191€, а играча срещу него Eleves Antonios взе 5 595€.

Look for specially marked ring games that offer bad beat jackpots. Play fixed, No Limit and Pot Limit Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Omaha hi/lo at these USA poker sites that offer bad beat jackpots. Jackpot Payout at Merge: 35% to the Bad Beat Victim 17.5% to the winner of the hand 17.5% to other players at the table 20% rolled over to reseed the

A very rare, but not-unheard of bad beat is a combination cooler/runner-runner hand in which a player flops 4 of a kind, only to see his opponent catch runner-runner cards to achieve a larger 4 of a kind. While this is a bad beat, the sting will be ignored as the loser would win a big chunk of cash as part of the bad beat jackpot. The biggest bad beat jackpot ever paid out in the U.S. was at $1.068 million when it hit on Tuesday at Motor City Casino in Detroit. • Every time the Bad Beat Jackpot is paid out, a new Bad Beat Jackpot will begin at an amount designated by the Poker Room. • The starting qualifying Bad Beat hand is four 10’s beat. • The Bad Beat starts out at four 10’s and if/when the jackpot reaches $100,000, the hand will be reduced to four 9’s with the following qualifying hands: Bad Beat Jackpots The Poker Room offers multiple Bad Beat Jackpots with different qualifiers. Just being on the table that hits a Bad Beat Jackpot pays. All the Players on a table that hits the jackpot will share a portion of the winnings. There are also cash prizes awarded daily for other fun and easy Poker Room promotions. A, K, Q, J, 10 suited Dec 07, 2009 · A "bad beat jackpot" story, however, is a whole different thing. A reader in Texas wants to know the correct blind-versus-blind strategy in a cash game that features a bad beat jackpot. Let's help